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This paper approaches the EU’s security and foreign policy strategies as exercises of self-narration that give insights into how the EU articulates the world around it and positions itself therein.



The relationship of the EU-Russia-Ukraine triangle is contentious by nature and has therefore been closely followed by both policymakers and analysts for more than a decade. Currently the Ukrainian corridor constitutes one of the weakest links in the security of Europe’...


As negotiations remain open and all exit scenarios possible after the extension of the Brexit deadline to the 31st of October, this article explores short and long-term implications of Brexit on the UK and EU competition regime. Overall, the draft deal negotiated in 201...

AbstractThe current carbon pricing mechanism in the EU insufficiently addresses the need to incentivise greener industrial practices in the region.

The two existential problems identified in the analysis are the proliferation of ‘fake news’ and the decline of suitable revenue models for media outlets.



In 2015, 162,877 migrants reached Sweden during the height of the European refugee crisis, making the country the largest receiver of refugees per capita. With Sweden’s historically open immigration policy and multiculturalist integration policy, migrants were welcomed w...

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