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Climate change is likely to impact financial stability through different channels. We aim at assessing if those channels are already operating, and how they may operate in the near future. The data and assessments we provide would have to be refined and expanded in orde...


Alors qu’il touche au moins 10% des élèves, le harcèlement scolaire est un enjeu éducatif majeur qui concerne la majorité des écoles et collèges français.


L’essor des technologies numériques doit mener à une transformation économique comparable à la Révolution Industrielle du XIXe siècle.

Au début des années 1960, du fait du progrès continuel des techniques d’exploration maritime et des velléités expansionnistes de certains Etats, la définition d'un cadre global pour la gouvernance des océans et plus particulièrement des fonds marins est apparue aux yeux de la...


A far less debated and perhaps more unexpected issue has been raised by the United Kingdom’s likely exit from the European Union: what shall be the future of the English language in the European institutions?



Brexit and its ramifications have become some of the main subjects discussed in British politics. Today, years after the referendum took place, many questions regarding the administrative process for Britain to leave the EU, ‘remain’ unanswered. Generally, it has been a...

The financial services have been central to people’s life for centuries, with many of the same banks dominating the market and its development. Yet, the past 10 years have seen the birth of a new sector – the Financial Technology

This paper analyses how a theoretical approach like rational choice institutionalism (RCI) may help understand the conceptual bases and future challenges of digital democracy (DD).

This paper approaches the EU’s security and foreign policy strategies as exercises of self-narration that give insights into how the EU articulates the world around it and positions itself therein.

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